2024 Woman of the Year - Michelle Manthey

Nomination Letter Written by Lisa Gottsacker and Read by Anita Falls

Nomination Letter for Plymouth Professional Business Woman of the Year

by Lisa Gottsacker / Read by Anita Falls

Michelle Manthey

PBW President and Co-Chair for the Cheesehead Chase

Manager – IT Culture, Change Management & Communications – Kohler Energy
Former Vice President – Women@Work Business Resource Group (BRG) – Global Kohler
New President – Women@Work Business Resource Group (BRB) – Kohler Energy

Marketing - Tile-It Designs, LLC

It is my honor and pleasure to nominate Michelle Manthey for Plymouth Professional Business Women’s Woman of the year for 2024.  Michelle has been a wonderful friend and inspiration to me for the last 20 plus years.  Michelle has a positive impact on everyone she interacts with and is someone that quickly becomes a treasured friend.  You can’t help but be touched by Michelle’s generosity and love.

Michelle has many talents.  She has a wonderful singing voice and has an extremely keen eye for photography.  I have witnessed firsthand her photography methods and she is wonderful with her subjects.  She knows more than anyone should ever have right to know about computers and anything IT related.  Her leadership skills are unmatched – if you want something accomplished, she will get it done.

The position of President of the PBW group has been fulfilled by Michelle for the last 11+ years.  She does an excellent job of planning, preparing and leading our group in many social events within the community that include learning, volunteering and creating as well as supporting and learning from each other’s experiences.  She diligently prepares for each of our monthly meetings by prepping slide shows or handouts if needed.  She welcomes any guests we may have for the meeting and makes sure they are comfortable and have everything they may need.  Michelle is also co-chair of the annual Cheesehead Chase which is a huge fundraiser for us and makes it possible for us to generously donate to various deserving charities as well as provide scholarships to young women in the community.  Michelle’s responsibilities regarding the Cheesehead Chase include sending out sponsor letters to procure valuable sponsors for the event.  Without the support of our generous sponsors, the event would not be possible.  Michelle also handles the website for this event, works with the timing company and handles the online registrations.  She has excellent to detail, which is a definite plus when planning an event of this magnitude, and is always ready to handle last minute issues when they arise.

Michelle is a dedicated wife and business partner to her husband, Todd, who although is extremely talented at what he does, would be lost without her, I’m sure. They will celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary in May and will celebrate 35 years as a couple this year. They make an awesome team!  She helps manage her husband’s business Tile-It Designs, LLC in Cascade and they’ve been a longtime sponsor of the Cheesehead Chase.  Her family also includes her fur baby Coors (AKA Little Man).  As long as I have known her, she has always had at least one fur baby.  Her love of her dogs has always been remarkable. 

Michelle and her mother, Mary, are very close and her Mom has been one of her biggest role models and she’s also close with her niece, Mollie Jo, who holds a very special place in her heart.  Her family always comes first.  Michelle juggles her family while holding down a very demanding position at Kohler.  Michelle has been with Kohler for over 28 years is very dedicated to her job and is determined to make her workplace better for everyone who has the opportunity to work with her.  She has definitely forged her way into leadership, paving the way for others to follow in her footsteps.

I can’t tell you how many events Michelle has planned and expedited – we used to call her “Cruise Director Julie”.  Just another one of her talents.  She is so well organized, no matter what she is planning or participating in. 

Michelle is not only a friend, but a mentor to everyone she meets.  You can’t help but be affected by her optimism and enthusiasm, no matter what circumstances life throws at her.  I believe there is no one more deserving of the title ‘Woman of the Year”.