Plymouth Professional Business Women's Recognition Banquet recognized Heather Steinhardt on August 10, 2020.

PBW Treasurer, Deb Friederichs and Vicki Schultz, nominated Heather Steinhardt.

The following words to describe her:

  • Patient
  • Loved
  • Kind
  • Wonder Woman
  • Biggest Heart
  • Thoughtful
  • Ripple Effect
  • Considerate
  • Giving
  • Hardworking
  • Volunteer
  • Selfless
  • ​And more...

Employed at: Aurora Pharmacy

Organizations member of: Cascade Rec Association, PHS Football Booster Club, PHS Baseball Booster Club, PHS Basketball Booster Club, and PHS Swim Booster Club

Nomination Letter:

When we reached out to friends to help with the justification to nominate Heather Steinhardt as Woman of the Year, the response was unanimous…definitely, she is so deserving!  A few words that come to mind with Heather – selfless, generous, thoughtful, optimistic, and considerate!

Heather has been a pharmacist for over 24 years, many of them working at Adams Pharmacy which eventually became Aurora Pharmacy. At Aurora Pharmacy she held the Pharmacy Supervisor/Manager position for several years.  One of her biggest strengths is her compassion for her patients.  She is very patient and kind towards them and she is well loved by those she serves. Of course, she is also a great pharmacist and works hard to provide excellent patient care.  Heather goes the extra mile for her patients such as making sure the elderly are able to safely get to their vehicles when they are leaving and even making after hours deliveries to patient homes when necessary.  There were numerous times over the years when patients would run into issues with the cost of a medication and Heather was always willing to help find a solution, even if the patient didn’t use the pharmacy she was working at. Heather's co-workers appreciate her patience in a job that can be stressful and trying; she is also a patient teacher to her co-workers.  She received a "Kudos" award this past year, nominated by someone who noted her care and concern for an elderly patient at the pharmacy.

Outside of work, Heather is a caring mother and wife and volunteers many hours helping with school activities and youth programs.  She is married to Steve, and they have 5 active boys, Jake, Joe, Jack, Jim, and John. 

Heather is one of the biggest-hearted people in our community.  In her quiet ways, she is always going above and beyond to support people in her daily life and expects nothing in return.

She makes everyone she meets feel at ease and loved, like she has all the time in the world for them – despite the fact she is being pulled in a million directions at once.  She works hard, long hours and weekend hours, and balances her family and life so well.  She is always willing to volunteer herself and her family for different volunteer opportunities which impacts many people and students.  

Below are the organizations she has been very active in during the last 15 years and she is still active in most of them.

Cascade Rec. Association (Member since 2004)

  • Recruited volunteers to work concessions during youth games
  • Assists in the annual men's softball tournament fundraiser

 PHS Football Booster Club (Member since 2012)

  • Led various committees including Freshman Sub Night, 50/50 Raffle, Spaghetti Dinners, Banquette Committee, Senior Night, Team Picture/Senior Banners, Senior Night, Concessions during Boys Basketball
  • Chairs the Summer Picnic Committee to kick off the season

 PHS Baseball Booster Club (Member since 2013)

  • Organized and managed the annual Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction Fundraisers
  • Schedules Concessions for JV and Varsity
  • Maintains supplies in the Concession Stand

PHS Basketball Booster Club (Member 2013 – 2019)

  • Hosted Spaghetti Dinners
  • Volunteered to work raffles and halftime activities

PHS Swim Booster Club (Member since 2018)

  • Hosts Spaghetti Dinners
  • Assists with concessions

As you can see her life revolves around her family consisting of five sons in sports and the groups and teams that they are associated with. She often has multiple games and events to attend on any given day and to no one’s amazement, she generally manages her life to make as many as possible.

She is also a great friend…very caring and an excellent listener.  She has offered for years to have our boys over when we go away for the weekend or take a vacation.  She often says “of course they can come over…when you have 5 boys, what’s 2 more?!”

There is no doubt she gives selflessly of her time and talents at work, school, church, and in both the Cascade and Plymouth communities. Giving selflessly of herself has rubbed off on her five boys as they have volunteered to rake lawns, move mattresses, set pins for bowling tournaments, among many other events.  More importantly, she makes the rest of us strive to be better people and inspires other families to get more involved with volunteering as well.  Heather has a “ripple effect” with her generosity; her involvement makes the activities and communities stronger.

She’s definitely a Wonder Woman and is so deserving of the 2020 Woman of the Year award!

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heather steinhardt named 2020 WOMAN OF THE YEAR

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